Lean Manufacturing

Muda! Waste! Lean manufacturing mainly focuses on reducing seven wastes which include transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over-processing, overproduction, and defects. The ultimate goal of lean manufacturing is value to the customer. It increases profitability, and efficiency. There are various tools available to support lean manufacturing. Some of these tools are Just-In-Time, 5S, Jidoka, etc. Many case studies have proven that the organization fails to implement lean at first glance. If lean practice doesn’t deploy correctly, it can create more pitfalls than successes. Thus, it is a must to use the right lean tool at the right time using effective strategy. Our experts put all of their efforts including lessons learned in the past, lean six sigma knowledge to establish lean manufacturing at the client’s facility. We provide the following services to develop lean manufacturing:

1) Analysis of client’s manufacturing system

2) Identify the areas to reduce waste

3) Brainstorm various solutions to reduce waste

4) Implement the best possible solution

5) Follow up with the client to ensure implemented solutions are working efficiently